The cheeky little
game for all ages!

Plop! is the hilarious tongue-in-cheek family game that encourages players to transport a “deposit” using nothing but their own derrière!

Age 6+
4 or more players


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Are you a squatter, a ballerina,
a moon-walker or a shuffler?

Warning: Compromising positions are a must!


First take a “Deposit” (maybe a leek, a log, a number one, number two or just a pea) and clench it between the cheeks of your bottom.

This is where good bottom control comes in handy!


Next, waddle over to the toilet without dropping your ‘Deposit’. During our thorough and meticulous testing, we found that players adopt a variety of different techniques for this section. Some squat and run, others select a forward shuffle, and some arouse their inner King of Pop with a courageous moonwalk.


Finally, aim and release your projectile into the bowl. You may find yourself shouting ‘Bombs Away!’ or ‘Tally-ho!’ But will you get all five of the cheeky little ‘Deposits’ into the toilet before your opponent?

Meet the deposits!

spending a penny

taking a leek

a number two

logging out

going for a pea

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